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After the reconquista, Ferdinand and Isabella, the Reyes Catolicos, decided to build a royal hospital in the city, which was lacking a proper sanitary house for the sick and the poors. The construction, however, was slow, and was finished only by 1525 under Carlos I. However, the importance of the Reyes Catolicos is reminded to us from the start above the door, as you can see sculptures of Ferdinand and Isabella, kneeling, with their monogram above them. These were finished in 1640.

The plan of the Hospital Real is, just like the Palace of Carlos V (in the Alhambra), a perfect square, divided into four little squares with patios by two cross-shaped corridors.

Once you enter the front door (see first picture), you will only have to say hello to the guard, pass your backpack to a metal-detector door, and after that feel free to deambulate through the corridors and the patios. Like one of this : 

Patio de los Marmoles
Nowadays, the Hospital Real is home of the rectorate of the Universities of Granada, so it is usually full of students, but quiet. You have also a little bar if you want to drink a café con leche while chilling out in the Patio de los Marmoles (photo). Between the various patios, you also have the big dark corridors, where, I suppose, some fiestas are organized once in a while. Admire the ceiling especially.

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