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It's probably one of the best kept secret of the Albaycin... but not for long. After three months of restoration, the Palacio Dar al-Horra will reopen to the public and will be included in an offer of visit joined with the Alhambra.

It was one of the best kept secret of the Albayzin due to the difficulty to reach, and second because it was free ! Just like the Bañuelo on Carrera del Darro, the restoration implies a cost which might lead to a "symbolic cost of entrance".

Be aware that the pictures following were taken in 2012. So the Palacio might offer a slightly different scene from now on.

Dar-al-horra means House of the Lady. The lady in question was Aicha bin Mohamed, who was the mother of Muhamed XII, best known as Boabdil, the last sultan of the emirate of Granada. She is the one who is supposed to have said to her son, after the fall of Granada : Weep as a woman what you couldn't defend as a man.

Taken over by the Christians after the Reconquista, the palace was converted into a convent and remained so until the 20th Century. However, many of the Arab arts details, frescos and engravings have been preserved.

 Last but not least, it has a lovely little garden. Don't forget that palace during your visit.

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