This huge garden has been arranged in the XIXth century is situated on the right of the Alhambra and lies unfairly in the shadow of the more renowned Generalife. Whereas the Generalife has a view on the Albayzin, the Carmen de los Martires offers a view on the whole new city and the vega itself. Last but not least, the entrance is free !

It owes its name to the fact that this was the place where Moorish kings kept Christian prisoners who were employed at building the palaces. After the Reconquista, a convent was created there, which was closed in the XIXth century. Later, the land was bought by private fortunes and turned into a private domain, until it was reclaimed by the state.

The gardens are a mix of french, english and arabic styles. It's highly recommended to have a walk among the flowers and gardens or around the romantic lake. 

Moreover, you can rent it for any reception you want :

Pay special attention to the schedules hours because when it's too big for the persons who close the Carmen to check that everyone has gone out, so don't be late if you don't want to be trapped inside :