Cuesta del Rey Chico from Mirador San Nicolas

There are two main roads used by tourists to access the Alhambra : the one who comes from out of the city usually go to the big parking entrance, north of the Alhambra. The others walk up the Cuesta de Gomerez which starts at Plaza Nueva.
Exhausted ? Have a rest in the shadow of the olive trees and of the walls.

However, there are many other ways and my favorite one is the Cuesta del Rey Chico, which is more quiet and less crowded. To access the Cuesta, go to the Paseo de los Tristes (at the foot of the Albayzin), cross the bridge over the Darro (puente del Aljibillo) and you'll have in front of you the cuesta itself. If you can't find it, ask for the Cuesta de los Chinos, the unofficial denomination.

It looks like nothing actually, and it's a bit steep to say the truth, but it's a pleasant area, with good views, lot of green space, calm and a nice little stream.

Stop, turn around, enjoy the view of the Albayzin.

When you'll see this bridge, which connects the Alhambra proper and the Generalife,
 you'll be 100m away from the entrance.