Fundation Rodriguez Acosta

Have you ever wondered what was that strange white mausoleum on the southern side of the same hill that is host of the Alhambra? It is a white building, which looks like the little sister of the Alhambra, built a few centuries after by a crazy doctor. But it's better than that!
Fondation Rodriguez Acosta, top left corner, seen from the Campo del Principe.
Jose Marie Rodriguez Acosta was a Spanish painter from Granada. Scion of a wealthy family of bankers, he studied painting and specialized in nudes and natures mortes. However, in 1914, when he came back to Granada, he started to build the work of art for which his name will be really remembered.

Behind the big bay window, on the first floor, is Rodriguez Acosta's awesome library.
It was not only his home, but also his studio, and as such he designed it in a way which could provided him as much inspiration as possible. It is a curious and fascinating mix of Modernist art with Arab, Christian and Greek-Roman themes.

The garden of Bachus.

A tunnel runs under the house and leads from the Garden of Bachus to the Pool of Venus.
Last but not least, don't miss the subterraneans : the hill of the Realejo was, they say, full of such labyrinths, a refuge in times of peril for the inhabitants, Jews or Moors. Today, only those remains. And they are astonishing!

The Pool of Venus.

Fundación Rodríguez-Acosta visiting hours:
Monrning: from 10 h. to 14:00 h.
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