The Palace of the Lions, with its famous Courtyard or Patio, is probably the most famous landmark of Moorish Andalusian architecture and prestige. 

It owes its name of the foutain which stands in the middle, supported by 12 marbles lions. It was built in the second half of the 14th century during the reign of Sultan Muhammad V.

It is believed that the lions date from the 11th century, and were imported from another palace of place. There is a poem by Ibn Zamrak on the edge of the basin:

Blessed be HE who gave to the Imam
Muhammad, noble ideas with which to 
Grace his mansion
For are there not marvels in this garden
which God has made incomparable in beauty
A sculpture of pearls of transparent clarity
whose edges are trimmed with dewdrops?
Melted silver runs between the pearls
which it resembles in its white, pure, beauty.
Water and marble seem to be one
and we cannot know which one of them is moving.

On the long sides of the patio, you will find the Hall of the Abencerrajes and the Hall of the Two Sisters.