Climbing the steep Cuesta de Gomerez in direction of the entrance to the Alhambra, you might find suddenly on your left a stunning gate hidden in the vegetation which stands on its own, far from any wall or piece of architecture but surrounded by trees and vegetation, like a piece of Angkor estranged from the jungle of Cambodia.

It took me a while to learn its origin. Its name says it all : this gate of Bib-Rambla was originally situated in the market place of the same name, in the center of the city. When the market place was refurbished, the gate avoided destruction and was relocated there. What you might want to know also is that this gate name was originally Puerta de las Orejas (Gate of the Ears) because it is said that this gate was adorned with ears, hands, and other limbs of robbers and bad men which were displayed there for the amusement of all when they were caught and punished by the justice.