Game of Thrones in the Alhambra ?

The producers of Games of Thrones are pondering between Sevilla and Granada for staging the exteriors of the next season. My advice is : Granada! But the truth is that whatever they decide, Sevilla is the winner.

According, the Andalusian Film Office is so desperate to nail the deal that they proposed the production to shoot FOR FREE in the Alhambra.

Now, just do the maths : there are 8000 visitors allowed daily in the Alhambra. The tickets sell for 15,40€ (through Ticketmaster, but prices change according the sellers and the tourism agencies). Multiply this conservative price by 8000 and you get more than 123 000€ of daily loss for the Granada Heritage Board and the Andalucian region in general (because most of the cash from the Alhambra goes to... Sevilla! Go figure).

Of course, the Patronato is well aware of the potential of the Game of Thrones to attract not only the actors and technicians of the series, but also to gain access to the millions of people who watch it and would sell a kidney in order to follow in the footpaths of their (imaginary) heroes.