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When you come to Granada from the South, with the highway, you can't help to notice, even before the Alhambra, a huge red building, moorish-style. It is the hotel ALHAMBRA PALACE.

It's not particularly subtle but it's never be designed to be so. It was built in 1910 by an aristocrat who had sensed that tourism would be the stuff of the future. Of course, tourism at that time was a domain restricted to the rich and famous, that's why it was so grandiloquent and showy. And its interior keeps the idea alive as you can see on the following pictures:

Along the years it catered for famous Hollywood stars (Orson Wells, Douglas Fairbanks...) as well as head of states, artists (Jean Cocteau) and many more. And it's true that the view from the terrace is fit for a king.

The website of the hotel has an interesting photo gallery in black and white.

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