Monumento a Isabel la Católica y Cristóbal Colón

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1492 is not only the date of the end of the last Muslim kingdom on Spanish's soil. It was also the beginning of an adventure which would make an American continent appear on the maps.

A few weeks after the conquest of the city of Granada, Isabela met with Cristobal Colon and agreed to finance his project to sail West, in quest for India. Everyone knows what happened next : on October 12, 1492, Columbus reaches America.

To commemorate it, this huge statue was commissioned by the city of Granada. It first stood on the bank of the Rio Genil (where is now the Fuente de las Granadas) but now is located right in the middle of the busiest part of the city, at the intersection of Calle Reyes Catolicos and Gran Via de Colon. Fitting, isn't it ?

The pedestal is decorated with two bas-relief, one of the battle of Velez-Malaga against the Moors, and one of the signature of the treaty between Colombus and Isabella, and adorned with the names of all the people present at that time.

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