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During your visit of the Alhambra, this will be located right after the Palacio de los Leones and the Emperor's Chambers and just before the Partal.

It has a cloister-like atmosphere, but it was not always so : in the photo below you can see on the right the Mirador de Daraxa, which closes the Palacio de los Leones. In the Nazari era, from this Mirador you had an open view on the Generalife and the Albayzin, until they closed the patio with the construction on the left side. 

The idea of closing the patio came after the reconquest and to do it they used columns and stones from other parts of the Alhambra, more precisely from the Patio de Machuca (next to the Mexuar).

You can have a glimpse of an old hammam of the Palaces when you explore a bit the corridors :

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