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If you plan to sleep as close as possible from the Alhambra this Parador, just at the end of the Calle Real, is for you. A "Parador" is a kind of hotel located inside a castle, a convent, or any place with a historical or architectural value, renovated and refurbished to meet the needs of modern guests.

The Parador de San Francisco was, at the origin, as is recalled poetically above, the palace of an unknown prince. After the end of the Reconquista, the piece of land and all the buildings were converted as a convent of Franciscan monks. Even if you are not a guest of the Parador, you can visit the Patio inside, which was a chapel and a place of burial, as indicate the marble stone stuck into the walls. At the other end of the patio you can find a dome with muqarnas, typical of the Nazari architecture. 

The convent was used as a temporary resting place for the Catholic Kings Isabella and Fernando while the Royal Chapelle was built in the cathedral. Later on, it slowly fell into disrepair. In the XIXth century, it was abandoned, and it's only in 1929 that it was restored and saved from destruction. In 1954 it opened its door as a Parador.


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