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The "Casa de Zafra" is a very well conservated building from the time of Al-Andalus, a typical house of a wealthy family of the Nasrid kingdom. After 1492 it was reconverted as a convent (convent Santa Catalina de Zafra), which is why it was preserved so well. 

It is located just in the Carrera del Darro, which means, as you can see below, that the family of this house had a premium vista on the Alhambra back in the old Al-Andalus' days. 

In contrast to what many people think the houses of Al-Andalus were very sober. A patio, two porticos, a few arches... Not much more, except drawings which you can still see a few remnants on the plaster of the walls.

Opened since June 2014, the entrance is still free! The entrance is well hidden (see below), but if you have time to spare, it's worth a look.

Last, a video which is shown in a room during the visit : 

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