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Among the dozens of rulers of the last muslim kingdom of Granada, most have been forgotten and today no one can cite more than the last one to rule : Boabdil, "el rey chico".

He is the one who faced the last onslaught of the Catholic Kings and had to relinquish the keys of the kingdom, in exchange for a safe passage for him and his entourage towards the other side of the sea. Much maligned because of this, his weakness was also due to the constant infighting and quarrels which arose among the rulers of Al-Andalus. The life of a Nasrid monarch was not at all the luxe, calme and volupté you could imagine when visiting the Alhambra.

The monument you can see near the Alcazar del Genil (a summer residence of the Nasrid rulers) has been erected where the ceremony of submission is supposed to have happened between the rulers.

However, you won't find any triumphalism here : an old and wise Boabdil seems to accept from a respectful young girl the hommage of the modern Andalucia for everything his culture has brought to their common land.

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