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I know I have already published a post about the Fundacion Rodriguez-Acosta, however a recent new visit to this unique Carmen, half-painting studio, half-amusement park for excentric aristocrats, reminded me that it is worth more than one publication.

Here are a few more photos to enjoy. 

Rodriguez-Acosta was a painter, but also a compulsive art collector. He worshipped classical arts and those two addictions are obvious when you see the statues that litter the place. Here are three examples : Mercury, Diana (with the dog), and Bacchus (below).


Another reference to classical Antiquity is obvious when you consider the ubiquitous columns all around the place, sometimes even they are intentionally made to look like decrepit and worn out.

Let's not forget the gardens, which can rival the Generalife :

And last but not least, here is the entrance to the labyrinthine subterraneans, which date back to Medieval time, and which Rodriguez-Acosta arranged a bit :

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