Game of Thrones S5E9 : Sevilla + Osuna

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At long last, we have been able to see more of Sevilla in the ninth episode of Game of Thrones. Until then, the characters were just strolling around the Alcazar's gardens, doing pretty much nothing.

But now that Jaime Lannister and Bronn have been imprisonned, we are allowed to see more of the kingdom of Dorne, which translates as the interiors of the Alcazar :

And also, of the city of Meereen, because the final showdown of the slaves pits is exactly in Osuna, a town of Andalucia. However, when you will see the "Arena de Toros", don't be too disappointed, because the place has been optimized with CGI to look like a Coliseum directly from "Gladiator".

Here is the view from the episode :

And here is the real place :

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