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Granada (capital) has no beach. But Granada (region) has a lot of beaches! Its coast is called Costa Tropical and the most famous spots are Motril, Salobrena, Almunecar and Nerja. The truth is that, the closer you get from Malaga, the better are the beaches, but in this post I want to show the formidable castle which guards the sea and the coast in Salobrena.

Entrance was free. But make sure you go there early, when the sun is still low and with a bottle of water : you will have to walk up there since most of the streets are too narow to accomodate a car. 

The huge rock which dominates the coast makes it a natural fortification, which made it a mandatory outpost for all the people who came and claimed this land as their own (phenicians, romans, goths, arabs, spanish). 

It is not anymore the heart of the city as it was probably a long time ago, the city has spilled on the plain below in all sides, and especially, as you can see, a lot of new buildings for people on holidays have mushroomed all other the place.

However, agriculture is still preserved and it's a beauty to behold.

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