The gold under the Alhambra

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The mountain upon which stands the Alhambra is called Cerro del Sol. It's not really a mountain, more like a long and thin hill which goes from the center of Granada and follows the Genil river. Since the Romans, this hill was known for its gold. The Romans used to mine there for the precious metal, and the large chunks taken out of the hill seems to be an evidence of their endeavour, but there was also an attempt in the XIXth century to revive this trade but a French tycoon named Jean Adolphe Goupil.

In 1875, Goupil obtained the necessary permits to fund and create a whole mining town above the Genil and the village of Cenes de la Vega

However, the mine was quickly abandoned due to the contamination caused, and the relatively small amounts excavated never made it a profitable business. 

Now, only remain empty shells of a factory which must have hired a hundred people, and a 16 kilometers canal in order to bring the necessary water to extract and refine the gold.

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