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Ronda is one of the city of Andalucia (and probably Spain) which is the easiest to identify due to the huge bridge connecting the old town to the new town, above the 170m emptiness of the Tajo gorge at the bottom of which runs the Guadalevin river.


And you can actually pass under the bridge and walk next to the river in the depth of the gorge.


This "new" bridge (as it is called) was built in the late XVIIIth century in order to replace the older and much smaller Roman/Arabic bridges in use until that time:

Without those bridges, Ronda is a city upon a rocky cliff almost impossible for any army or troop to surprise and storm. The old town has other entrance doors but they were heavely fortified, as we can still see today.


Ronda has charmed all visitors who have visited it, starting from the Romantics writers until Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles, who were both aficionados of corridas (for which Ronda is famous), and were rewarded with monuments to their name :

From Granada, Ronda is accessible by a combination of bus and train. It will cost you approximately 32€ in total.

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