Pinhole Photography in the Sacromonte

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The Sacromonte is renowned for the flamenco shows and the views to the Alhambra.

However, a young couple of artists have now transformed one of its cave in order to offer a new fruitful way to spend your time in this gorgeous place.

With Pablo and Hedvig from El Laboratorio (find the facebook link here), you can have a collodium/wet plate portrait taken or even take part to a workshop of pinhole photography.

What is pinhole photography ?

It is basically to create your own photograph with a cardboard box, make a pinhole into one side, stick photo paper on the other side, point it in direction of what you want to take and then... reveal the paper in the darkroom.

No need of expensive equipment, no need of tripod, just bring a box, and your creativity and learn the basics of the dark arts of photography from scratch.

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