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A one-hour drive from Madrid, Segovia is a lovely city well worth a visit. And of course, we cannot talk about Segovia without talking first about the main edifice which will strike your eye : the Roman aqueduct.

This masterpiece of the Romans' engineering skills count 20400 blocks of granit, without any concrete to hold the pieces. It is 1200 long and fetched water as far as 17 kilometers from the city. Of course, this aqueduct is so emblematic of the city of Segovia that it figures on the crest of the city.

The other landmark which sets Segovia on the map is the Alcazar, with its formidable dungeon :

As one can easily see, that castle was one of the most secure of all Castilla and could easily withstand sieges :

The Alcazar itself stands above the little church in the picture below, which I didn't visit but is the focus of a strange tale/legend : it is said that, due to some curse or maybe some magnetic/telluric force, no birds come even close from it. No one knows why. It's true I didn't see any bird at the moment, but I have no way to prove it extensively. 

Below is a view of the city of Segovia, taken from the top of the tower of the Alcazar. The highest tower belongs to the cathedral. In the background, with the snow, is the Sierra de Guadarrama, but the line of the mountain is also known as "la mujer muerta" (the dead woman) because it somewhat looks like the silhouette of a woman lying down.

And, last but not least, a picture from the Casa de los Picos, with its strange spiky facade :

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