In the long story of the hegemony in Andalucia, the timeline goes a bit like this : first, there was Cordoba, the cultural, religious and political center of Al-Andalus at its height ; then came Granada, capital of the last Muslim kingdom in the peninsula, and last but least came Sevilla, the new big city on the Andalucian map when Spain conquered half of the American continent and Sevilla became the gateway through which passed most of the treasures and wealth.

That's why Sevilla is still today the most important city in Andalucia, even if a lot of its prestige has gradually vanished.

The main landmarks of Sevilla are of course the cathedral with the Giralda :

Then, there is the Alcazar Real, whose celebrity can only get bigger next year thanks to the shooting of the next season of Games of Throne :

And of course the Guadalquivir with the iconic Torre de Oro