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Tarifa is a tiny tiny town on the tip of the Iberian peninsula, facing the African continent, at the junction point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediteranean Sea. 

Puerta de Jerez

It has of course the same history as most of Spanish towns, starting long ago with Phoenicians and Romans, followed by Arab invasion and settlement, then it was recaptured in the XIIIth century by the king Sancho for the crown of Castille.

King Sancho statue in front of Tarifa's castle

Nowadays, Tarifa is the kite-surfers paradise, due to the ideal conditions of its beaches and the amazing wind which is blowing pretty much all the time! This wind does not make for ideal conditions however for sunbathing: the sand is so thin that the gusty wind blows sand into your face! You are warned :)

View of Africa's coast, from Tarifa harbour.

To go to Tarifa from Granada, there is no direct bus. The closest bus goes to Algeciras, from where you can take another bus leading to Tarifa in half an hour. 

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